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Are you tired of feeling aches and pains associated with your disease, disorder, or simply aging?

Luckily, there’s something that has worked for millions of Americans. Hemp oil for pain management has been shown to help reduce pain and improve life quality.

If you’re done tolerating your body pain, it’s time to try something new.

Keep reading to find out exactly what hemp oil is and how it can help you.

What is Hemp Oil?

There’s some confusion over the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. While they both come from the same species of plant, they are quite different.

Marijuana contains 20 to 30% THC which is the psychoactive compound that gets you high. While its sister the Hemp plant contains 0.03% THC and in some cases zero.

The big difference is that the Hemp plant is rich in the compounds that are called Cannabinoids ( CBD ). There is only one other place on Earth you can find these amazing compounds in our own bodies.

THC is the chemical in the Marijuana plant that makes you “high”. CBD is the pain-relieving chemical. While you can use Marijuana cannabis oil for pain, it contains THC so psychoactive symptoms may occur.

Hemp Extract oil is derived from the Entire Hemp plant and contains all 100 CBD’s plus Terpenes, Flavanoids, Phytonutrients and very little to no THC. This means it can relieve pain without getting the user “high”.

Full Spectrum CBD oil is created by combining hemp extract with a carrier oil to make it safe for consumption and use on the skin.

Hemp Extract Oil for Pain

Hemp Extract oil contains Full Spectrum CBD, this has the life-changing ability to reduce pain. It’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, but it has worked for many.

Hemp oil is now being used to relieve some of the following ailments. With amazing results.

No psychoactive properties
100% Organic and Natural
Legal in the United States no prescrition is needed
Non addictive or habit-forming
People are using it as an alternative to addictive painkillers like Percocet
Some people have found that Hemp Extract oil can relieve any type of body pain.


People who suffer from arthritis understand the pain that comes from inflamed joints. It’s felt in the hands, feet, and knees.

CBD can help reduce that inflammation by preventing cytokine formation in the body. Swelling has been reported to be reduced, stiffness has also been reduced, and the sufferer feels less pain.

It’s a way to soothe inflammation without creating ulcers or bleeding like other anti-inflammatory medications.

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle spasms that come with multiple sclerosis can be subdued or eliminated through hemp oil use in most cases.

Muscle spasms of MS can be very painful and cause stiffness throughout the body which limits mobility.

CBD oil is reported to reduce those spasms and relax the muscles. This has led to improved mobility in patients who had limited ability to stand and walk.

Chemotherapy Pain

Chemotherapy Is known to come with unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms.

Patients can experience extreme nausea and vomiting Also they can have fatigue and body weakness.

The use of hemp extract oil can help some people reduce nausea and vomiting , also helps to reduce body aches, and some patients are able to sleep better and rest. Some studies have shown reduction in the cell growth for certain types of cancer.

Always check with your Doctor before using any kind of CBD oil or extract.

Chronic Pain

People Suffering from chronic pain are having their quality of life severely impacted and their mental health is also impacted.

People have found that Hemp Extract CBD oil helps reduce pain through its analgesic properties that are essentially all-natural painkillers. It can help increase the body’s cannabinoid receptors which will help to reduce inflammation.

People who suffer with chronic back pain, the entire body can suffer from pain have found that Hemp Extract oil is an excellent option for targeting the source of the pain.

It has been proven to affect help with neuropathic pain plus muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

People with depression or anxiety due to chronic pain will often see improvement in their overallmood and optimism when treated with Hemp Extract CBD oil. It’s known to relieve anxiety and help calm those in crisis.


Fibromyalgia can cause pain throughout the entire body, the bones and muscles as well as intense headaches and fatigue. Trying to perform daily activities can be challenging when you are working against fibromyalgia.

Hemp Extract CBD oil has been proven to reduce the stiffness in joints and muscles and help relieve pain; headaches are easily treated with hemp extract oil.

It enhances relaxation while ensuring that the sufferer gets a better quality of sleep and rest. Improved sleep leads to less fatigue and a much stronger body.

Menstrual Pain

Women who have experienced intense cramping, bloating and body aches from menstruation have all reported the benefits of Hemp Extract CBD oil.

It is not only a muscle relaxant but it can also soothe cramps and aches in the back and breasts, it also helps to stabilize your mood. Women will experience mood swings and irritability which are common during their cycles; Hemp Extract CBD oil can help reduce irritability and other signs of PMS.

How Hemp Oil can be taken

There are many ways that hemp extract oil can be taken for pain management and each has its benefits. Serving sizes will vary from method to method and person to person. You cannot overdose on Hemp Extract CBD oil the serving size needs to be adjusted to be each individual on their specific needs.


Drops under the tongue are the fastest way for the Hemp Extract CBD oil to enter the bloodstream. These are available in three different application forms in which each also come in flavors. Taste will not be a problem. You’ll feel the effect shortly thereafter.


Capsules are another way to consume hemp extract oil if you do not like the natural flavor. Capsules tend to have a higher concentration of full spectrum CBD’s, plus some have added the Nutrition of Hemp Oil and are based in a carrier oil. They do take a little longer to break down and enter the bloodstream, You will not feel the effects as soon as you would have with sublingual oil drops, but eventually you will feel the effect.

Topical Creams

Hemp extract oil comes in topical creams which are used to massage sore muscles and apply topically to areas which are experiencing pain. The effects from topical creams are felt immediately but they don’t last as long as they would have if you had ingested the oil.

Smoking or Vaporizer

CBD oil can also be smoked or inhaled through a vaporizer and e-liquid oils. This method is fast acting which enables you to feel the results quickler, however, some people prefer not to inhale from a vaporizer.

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